Retirement Stats

Planning For Retirement Is An Everyday Occasion!


Here's why:

On average, U.S. inflation has risen 3.21% every year for the past century, doubling prices every 22 years. So, if you're 45 years old today, you can expect to see prices double—and your money lose half its value—not once, but twice during your retirement years.

It's a reality you have to consider when saving and planning for retirement.


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“The Real Key to Retirement Planning is getting your money to work harder for you, than you worked for your money!”

This is about a Special Retirement Plan, that you can have, with all of attributes you see below.

The No's Have It!

Future Income Taxes?

Income tax rates would have to double across the income spectrum to balance the federal budget. 

Source: The Heritage Foundation, Federal Budget in Pictures, 2012; using data from the Congressional Budget Office.